With a focus on safety, each pole dancing class starts with a gentle warm-up to get your body ready for exercise. Throughout the class you'll perform moves that require you to use the full range of movement in many parts of your body. Like many forms of dance, pole dancing helps you increase your flexibility, but at your own pace and in a way that is natural and encourages your body to loosen up gently. To ensure that you leave class feeling great, we always have a gentle warm down.


Pole dancing is a fantastic and safe way to build strength in your body. Many pole dancing moves require you to use your own body weight as a resistance and through repetition and practice you gradually get stronger and able to undertake more advanced moves. Not only is this a fun way to build your strength, but it also produces lean muscles that avoid the bulk that you might gain by using weights. On top of all that, it's a safe and natural way to become stronger.


Your core is an essential aspect in your fitness. A strong core will help you in all forms of your life, but particularly with avoiding injury whilst exerting yourself. Pole dancing is a very intense exercise for your core, as many of the moves involve you rotating your body or—as you become more experienced—inverting your body. A two-hour pole class is thus a great way to improve your core strength, giving you that essential powerhouse of a fit body.


All our courses have a choreographed curriculum, which allows for plenty of repetition of moves as you learn the choreography. This repetition is the key to building endurance in your muscles and, unlike pushing weights in a gym, it's a fun, natural way to build that endurance.