Prove to your selves and to everyone how serious you take the discipline of pole fitness! 

Get started by training at our REVIVE pole fitness studio with our certified and accredited instructors step by step from the beginner to advanced. 

To be taken seriously in any sport you want recognition for your hard work and the PDC Pole Dance Gradings are the perfect way to chart your pole dancing progression, create new goals and promote pole dancing to your friends and family.  PDC Pole Dance Gradings not only recognise your hard work but they also help to acknowledge the efforts of your instructor. 

We will teach you and support you at our studio through all the levels of the PDC Syllabus required by PDC and leading to Grading Exam. There are 5 levels and 5 grading exams which can be done level by level to achieve higher gradings working through the lower levels and learn safely at your own pace. Each level includes worming ups and cool-downs and numbers of moves and routines to be learned and we will be working hard together to achieve.   You will be provided with the grading sheets  used by PDC grading assessors to mark the gradings.

Our PDC Approved instructor will help you with this process and we will be submitting your gradings to PDC for approval. 

There are Pole Dance Grading Costs involved at very affordable prices and Certificates can be bought after your successful gradings.

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